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Swiss-Cuban Business Committee

On 25 November 2013, the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba and Switzerland Global Enterprise sign the creation of the Swiss-Cuban Business Committee.

The purpose of this Committee shall be to promote economic and trade relations between companies domiciled in or related to Cuba and Switzerland, on a non-profit basis and, more particularly, the commercial exchange of goods and services and the promotion of business opportunities between both countries.

The Committee is organized in two Sections: The Cuban Section with its headquarters at the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba and the Swiss Section which is assumed by SwissCubanCham. Each section responds exclusively to legislation and the arbitration headquartered in their respective country.

The two Sections are made up of representatives of companies, businesspeople, economic and trade entities of the respective countries. The chairs of each Section work closely together in order to attain the purpose and objectives of the Committee and of the Activity Plan 2014 signed between both Sections.