Benefits of SwissCubanCham membership

As a member of SwissCubanCham you are automatically member of the “Swiss Section” of the Business Committee Cuba-Switzerland. During the monthly meetings with the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, your projects might be included and monitored in the agenda of the Committee. 

SwissCubanCham members meet, interact and learn from valuable experiences.

  • The Members of the Board of Directors of SwissCubanCham have a combined working and decision making experience of more than 60 years with Cuba, out of which 29 years of physical presence in Havana. SwissCubanCham is “Your Man in Havana”.

SwissCubanCham members are connected with policy makers that gives you a first-hand knowledge of the “rules of the game”.

  • Cooperation agreement with the cuban Investment Promotion Center
  • Member of SWISSCHAM


SwissCubanCham helps members to expand markets and control costs of doing business. There is a huge business growth potential in Cuba and various complementarities between business sectors in Switzerland and Cuba.

  • Search for your best potential partners.
  • Market research and feasibility studies.
  • Legal assistance, incl. the legalization of documents, etc.
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