SwissCubanCham fosters contacts and acts as tangible platform for the corporate community and executives with interests in these markets. The Members of the Board of Directors of SwissCubanCham have a combined working experience at decision taking level of many decades.

SwissCubanCham provides essential information and contacts about doing business in Cuba. SwissCubanCham is "Your man in Havana".

Business Support
SwissCubanCham helps its members in entering into or growing in the Cuban market and in controlling the costs of implementing corporate strategies in close relations with specialized institutions in both markets. Products offered include:

  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Search for your best potential partner
  • Specific information on customs, taxes, etc.
  • Legal assistance

SwissCubanCham was instrumental during the negotination in relation to the re-opening of SERV-Guarantees as of 2005.

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